An ancient tradition, a new splendor

In 1870, Macpherson’s Pension Britannique was inaugurated, run by a Scottish woman with a strong personality, Emilia Macpherson. Artists, princes, politicians and adventurers admired the Gulf of Naples looking at the windows of the pension.

Among the most illustrious guests, we remember: Prince Umberto di Savoia, Queen Federica of Greece, Arthur Conan Doyle, Virginia Woolf and George Bernard Shaw. Over the years, the hotel changed management but not reputation, remaining a reference point for high-ranking tourism until 1943, when its privileged position convinced the German command, and later the American one, to choose it as their headquarters.

Much more than just a hotel, de Bonart Naples is a true Neapolitan institution, which today has renewed its splendor. After the renovation, Naples is present in every detail of the hotel. Each floor, through colors and materials, recalls one of the layers of the city: the lava of the subsoil inspires the spa; the hall recalls the courtyards of the buildings, while the floors of the rooms reflect the colors of the gardens, domes and sky of Naples.